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Let in the Heavenly Light

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Break forth, O beauteous heavenly light,

And usher in the morning;

Ye shepherds, Shrink not with affright,

But hear the angel’s warning.

This Child now weak in infancy,

Our confidence and joy shall be.

The power of Satan breaking,

Our peace eternal making. — Johann Rist & Joseph Barlowe 


Have you ever been asleep in a very, very dark room? So dark that you weren’t even aware that it was already past 10:00 AM? I have before many times over. Now have you ever been in that dark room and then some “helpful” person comes and flings open the curtains and lets the light pierce through the darkness of your room. God has arranged the light to be our natural alarm clock to wake us up and let us know a new morning has come!

Jesus is a light into a very, very dark world. The world was so dark that when that light shined in the darkness the darkness didn’t know what to do. John 1 (KJV) & Luke 2:32 (KJV) talks about the light that is Jesus Christ to the lost world and to His own people. This song is showing that when Christ was born it was like opening up the window in a dark, dark world.

We have no reason to be afraid as the children of God (as Christians) and we put our hope in the God who humbled Himself and became or took on flesh to be like us. Our joy and confidence or firmly rooted assurance is in Jesus Himself. When Jesus was born it was a slap to Satan, and he knew that his time was coming to be defeated. When Christ later died on the cross He broke and destroyed like a mighty warrior the bondage and the chains actually the power Satan and sin has on us and made us right with God through His blood. His blood and sacrifice paid our sin and made us at peace with God when we accepted His sacrifice in faith.



Your advent reflection: Is Christ refreshing to you? Is Christ the light in your life that shines in through your darkness or are the curtains still shut? What things do you need to repent of (turn from completely)  to make Christ the Joy and our confident hope in this life and forever after. 

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