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Is there a blessing that you could be missing out on by not coming to church? Yes, one of the biggest things that come to mind is the missed blessing of the fellowship of believers as the book of Hebrews says. Fellowship is a powerful thing in the church in a sense it is enjoying the presence of others, but it is so much deeper than that in Jesus’ Church. When I say your missing out on fellowship I mean you’re missing out on powerful prayer in the fellowship of your other brothers and sisters in Jesus. When I say your missing out on fellowship I mean that you are losing an opportunity to be a testimony and an encouragement to someone at church tonight. Church is so much more than what you or I can ever get out of it, it is much more than something you do from 5:30-8:00 every Sunday night too. Church is the meeting place of the saints of God (every believer) to encourage, build up, and teach truths about our God. You may have thought before that it doesn’t make a difference if I come to church or not…my friend that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your absence from the local body of believers is your absence from a blessing from God. We hope to see you there tonight, because if it’s said or not you do make a difference even if it is just showing up. God uses believers in amazing ways to build up other people that are hurting and struggling; tonight when you come to church look for a way to be a blessing to someone that needs it, you’d be surprised the joy that God gives to His people that minister to others that are hurting.


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