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New Mexico Mission Trip

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New Mexico Mission Trip 2015 Documents and Questions:

What’s a mission trip?

A mission trip is a short- term (in this case

3 days) trip to assist someone in need. We

are going to New Mexico this summer to

assist another church that is in Farmington

New Mexico [pictured to the right].

How can we help?

The work we do for the church really

depends on the church and it’s specific

needs. Usually it varies from canvassing

(passing out invitations to church) or work

projects ranging from general cleaning,

painting or landscaping around the church grounds. This helps smaller churches that can’t

afford to hire a full time team or have many hands helping at any given time. Many hands make

light work is very true when it comes to spreading the word and helping a fellow church grow in

their city-wide outreach programs.

Mission Statement of the NM/15 Trip:

We are there to serve and to encourage those in the city of Farmington and to be a

representative of our Lord Jesus Christ in our acts of charity and words spoken to the people we

come in contact with.

Cost & Logistics of the Trip

We have estimated the approximate cost per person to be at $50/individual 1. The due date for

said funds comes in two dates: June 14 is the $25 due that secures your seat for the trip; the

second date is July 5th with the remaining $25; all together the $50 should be given no later

than July 5.

Each vehicle has insurance and medical coverage in case of any accident. We do require prior

to going that each child fills out a Medical Release form and attaches a picture or you can take a

picture and email it to with their insurance card; so in case of any issues

we have permission to go to the hospital/ER to seek immediate medical attention for your child

in case of an emergency; this is just for precautionary sake.


Please contact Pastor Tylor at


Recommended Supply List:

Toothpaste and toothbrush

Soap and shampoo

Any prescription medications

Laundry/plastic bags (for dirty clothing)

Long jeans/pants and shorts

Socks and pajamas

Work shirts

Athletic shoes for walking

Water bottle

Bandannas, a hat, or visor

Personal health insurance card or legible copy



Sunscreen and insect repellent


Alarm clock* (battery-powered)

Spending money


Blanket and pillow

Towels and washcloths

When would we be returning: Sunday Night, we would be arriving after the

Sunday evening.

Can my kids bring their own phones: Yes, we just ask that when they

are serving that they refrain from using them.

How will I know that they are safe: we will have the kids check in as

soon as we arrive in New Mexico, as well the vehicles we are using are

fully insured and with the medical release form if there is something

wrong or someone gets sick, we will take quick swift action to treat and ensure their

health above anything else and the drivers will be driving during the daylight for over 95% of the

trip and there are safe Youth Leaders accompanying and assisting with watching and ensuring

constant safety during our stay.

What if I can’t reach my kid(s): then you can contact one of the youth leaders and a worse

case senario you can contact via text, call, or facetime Pastor Tylor which will have his phone on

24/7 during the trip.


Answered Prayer

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1 John 3:22

The answers to believers’ prayers bring assurance of salvation.

Another reliable way to know if you are a Christian is if God answers your prayers. The apostle John gives us the infallible reasoning for this statement. First, you can know your prayers will be answered if you keep His commandments (1 John 3:22). And second, John says the only way you can obey God’s commandments is if you belong to Him (v. 24). Therefore, an obedient believer proves He is abiding in Christ and receives further assurance when his prayers are answered.

However, the only prayers God answers are the ones prayed according to His will. If you are an obedient believer, you will fashion your prayers in line with what Scripture says about His will. The answered prayer that follows will bring you confidence and assurance (see 1 John 5:13-15).

Some believers miss out on that assurance because of their skimpy prayer life, which obviously results in few answered prayers. How sad for them, and how disappointing for God, because He would do so much more for those Christians if they would only ask Him.

What about you? Has it been a pattern of your life to experience answered prayer? Ask yourself questions like the following: Have you prayed for someone’s difficult situation and seen God turn it around to one of joy and blessing? Have you seen an unsaved person for whom you prayed come to Christ? Has God filled a void in your life after you prayed that He would? Have you ever prayed that God would help you in teaching His Word and then experienced much grace in presenting it with clarity? Have you prayed for boldness and power to proclaim the gospel and seen God work through you? Have you asked for contentment during a trial and received God’s peace? Have you known forgiveness and a clear conscience after you prayed to that end?

If you can answer yes to those questions or ones like them, you have good reason to believe that you belong to the Lord and He belongs to you.

Suggestions for Prayer

Thank the Lord for His power through prayer and for the answers He’s granted you.

For Further Study

Read 1 Kings 17:1; 18:41-46.

  • What does the second passage reveal about Elijah’s prayer life?
  • How does that support James 5:16b-18?

From Strength for Today

Testimony to the sick

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“‘. . . as a testimony to them’” (Matthew 8:4).

Christ’s miraculous healings were significant in His earthly ministry. They displayed genuine concern for human need and testified that He was God. But several times Jesus stated, “Which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’? But so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins” (Matt. 9:5–6; cf. Mark 2:9; Luke 5:23). The healing miracles simply illustrated the cleansing of sin, which was Jesus’ primary purpose within God’s redemptive plan.

Curing leprosy was an especially powerful illustration, because its physical destructiveness parallels sin’s spiritual destructiveness. The Lord’s healing of leprosy restored people to human fellowship, just as His cleansing of sin restores them to divine fellowship.

The church today often fails to confront individuals with the horrible destructiveness of their sin. Instead of “coming to Christ” by making an emotional, feel-good decision, people need to realize their sins and bring them to God for cleansing. True conversion occurs when, like the leper, sinners confess their need and humbly seek His restoration. Like the leprous man, sinners flee to Christ as their only hope for rescue from their helpless condition of lostness.

Paralleling the healing again, Jesus’ first requirement for new converts is their obedience to His Word. Only after demonstrating a new life of righteousness can they give proper testimony to what the Savior has done.

Ask Yourself

Is it fair to say that sinfulness is often a precursor to sickness? There is certainly no universal answer to this question, but how can you use times of limitation, weakness, or confinement to let God examine your heart and deepen your desire to follow Him?
From Daily Readings from the Life of Christ